Meshkanapan ushakameshim
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ID: 291
Longitude: -59.0417
Latitude: 53.1306
Pronunciation: meʃkəna:pən uʃa:kəmeʃimPronunciation
Translation: Late Meshkana's Place For Fish
Feature: lake

Meshkana (called Charles or Sam Meshkana by non-Innu) was born from an Innu mother and a White father on the west coast of Newfounland in the first half of the 19th Century. Starting in 1841, he was married three times to Innu women of the St. Lawrence Gulf area. He seems to have been attached to the Mingan trading post until the late 1860s when he migrated to Labrador with his third wife. Meshkana died in the Makkovik area shortly before 1900.